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Find your WHY before you decide on a career path

If you are graduating from 10th, 12th or college, you would be making an important career decision.   You would either be choosing a career stream or a profession, and you would be engaged in it for the next 40-45 years of your life.   But it isn’t an easy...

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Passion or Money: What do I choose?

Whether it’s a sports person, an actor or a business mogul, almost every super successful and super-rich person that you have heard of began their journey by following their passion.   So, you must choose passion, and it would take you to success and riches....

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When you should stay patient and when you should quit

The hardest thing to do when you go for CA exams, various entrance exams (for engineering, medical, science and MBA) and government exams is to be patient and persistent.   Most people who take these exams don’t pass on their first attempt.   Some even take...

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Career Maturity: Do you have it?

Most of us are told to choose our career paths based on the following four factors:   How much it pays? Career growth Market demand for the professional Would society respect us?   These are not the wrong factors.   We all want to earn well. We don’t...

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