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How procrastination negatively affects your career growth

This is all of us. We know procrastination is bad. We know that we are putting off important things.   Situations go from I have plenty of time to finish the task to I have to finish a year worth of tasks in 6 hours.   Then we end up sacrificing sleep night...

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David Battery of Differential Abilities (DBDA)

We all have some abilities that are better than others. We just don’t know which ones are outstanding and which ones are… well, not so outstanding.   And this is an essential point.   Because our abilities are one factor that decides which career or...

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Fear Setting

If you made a movie on the life of someone in their late teens, the movie would be about their journey to find the right career path.   And the main villain in their story would be What if.   What if…   What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m not...

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How do I deal with my parent’s career expectations?

Do any of these sound familiar? Many of us have been forced into a career path by our parents.   Some of us have accepted it and follow it.   Others have not. They continuously question their parents’ decision. And both of these groups of people are...

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