Take a psychometric test before applying for a job instead of during

Mar 16, 2021

Psychometric test is the new addition to recruitment process.


And it’s proven to be extremely effective in identifying the right candidate for the job.


Organisations are able to prevent wasting lakhs of their funds on hiring and replacing a wrong candidate.


So, it’s a desirable scenario for organisations.


But it’s not desirable for candidates.


Because these psychometric tests are designed to show whether a candidate is right for the job or not.


There’s no human bias or judgement involved in this.


It’s purely scientific.


That’s why you will find many people searching for terms like How to clear a psychometric test on Google.


Yes, you can prepare for these psychometric tests.


But there’s a better and more effective way to land these jobs.


The usual practice is to find job vacancies in your line of work.


Then they go through the entire recruitment process. As part of the process, they are given a psychometric test.


Now, if you don’t have the traits and abilities that the hiring manager is looking for, the test would reveal it.


The result is that they would reject you immediately.


What if there was a better way to go about this whole process?


What if you could drastically increase your chances of getting hired?


You can. Here’s how.


Take a psychometric test before you apply to any job. 


When you take a psychometric test, the result tells you which of your traits and abilities are high (strengths) and which are low (weaknesses).


Based on that, it also suggests careers and profession that you should take up.


Once you have this analysis in your hand, you can do one of two things.


Go ahead and get a job that requires your strengths.

Improve on your weaknesses, turn them into strengths and then get jobs that require those strengths.


When you do this, you make a more informed decision with your job, profession and your entire career.


Let’s say your test results show that you have high leadership skills, reasoning ability and communication skills.


Accordingly, you could apply for a management position.


Of course, you would need to have some experience in your field.


But even if you don’t have any experience and are a fresher, you could apply to a small position in startups.


Startups usually have a small team and they usually look for people who can communicate well and can lead with innovative ideas in their domain.


So, if you are a fresher or an experienced professional who’s looking to move to another job position, taking a psychometric test before you apply for that job is a better option.


Want to know more about psychometric tests and how it helps you find your career, profession or the right job position?


Check out some of our blog posts that go into great detail about how you can use psychometric tests to launch your career to new heights.

The reason everyone went to them is because no one else was better than them at maths.

You also have abilities that you are better at than others around you. One of the mistakes people make while finding their strengths is that they feel their strength should be academic.

That’s not true. If you are great at an academic ability like maths, accounts, economics, statistics, etc., then great.

But if your strength lies in understanding human behaviour or communication or imagination or art or music… or anything else, then don’t dismiss your strength just because it isn’t “academic”.

Your strengths are unique to you. You are better at those skills and abilities than anyone else. You can always improve them so that you stay better at it than others.

But never ever dismiss your strengths. Identify it. Improve it. And be proud of it.

Explore Career Options

Fifty years ago most people chose one of the following four career paths.

  • Engineering
  • Commerce (finance, tax, accounting)
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Economics

Fifty years, we are still choosing one of these four.

Why? Because we have this notion that these are the most respectable and high-income career options.

But in the last twenty years, technology has grown so much that it has created career options that our parents and grand parents would have never heard of.

Today there are thousands of career options to choose from. 

And the reason many of us don’t choose anything other than those four is because we either don’t know much about the other career options or because we have put these four careers on a pedestal.

It’s 2020. Careers such as online gaming, digital art and online marketing are growing and thriving.

The older generation may look down upon on these career paths by saying that you will never reach a position of respect and power if you choose them.

But think about it, would you rather be a top executive of a company and hate everyday of your life because it’s boring.

Or live an interesting life where you are excited to wake up and do what you love to do the best.

Also, these career options pay well. Like any other profession, how much you earn depends on how good you are.

And how do you know whether you are good at it or not?

By identifying your passions and strengths.

Now, I don’t mean that you don’t go for any of those four career paths. If you are passionate about them and you have the skill to succeed in it, go for it

But I would stress that before you choose a career path, please explore all the career options that are available today.

BONUS – The only thing you need to find your ideal career today

We have compiled a series of questions that will help you identify your passion, strengths and map career options that align with your passion and strengths.

This one thing will improve your self-awareness in no time.

Download the Self-Awareness Improvement Worksheet now.


We all end up guessing what career path we should take. We decide based on what others are doing and what others are asking us to choose.

But the one person we should closely listen to is ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t hear our own voice because we let the voices of others into our head.

While it’s perfectly fine to take advice from others, please don’t ignore what your inner voice is telling you.

At the end of the day, it’s your career and your life. Make the best of it by taking well informed and educated decisions.

All the best!

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